The purpose of the drug, Phentermine 30mg, is to make the patient feel full. If the patient feels full, they are more likely to lose weight. When patients become obese, it becomes a medical concern. Doctors usually want their obese patients to lose weight, so the professionals usually recommend the drug. The drug needs a doctor’s recommendation though. The FDA has approved the drug as an appetite suppressant, and it is currently the only FDA approved appetite suppressant on the market. The drug has been around for more than fifty years as it first came on to the market in 1959.

Despite many of the appetite suppressants being discontinued in the early 1990s, white blue Phentermine managed to stay on the market.

It’s pretty important to choose the correct dosage of any medicine, the same with Phentermine dosage. Depending on how severe the case is, the patient may take a dosage between 15mg to 37.5mg every day. Most of the time, the patient will take two 15mg tablets every day. The best time to take one of the pills is two hours after or before breakfast, anyways you should take your Phentermine dosage in the first half of the day. Please remember that Phentermine is the short-term treatment for weight loss problems.

When you purchase the pill, you can get it in the instant release form or the gradual release form. The most common form is the gradual release form, but your doctor will determine which form is best for you.

The FDA recommends that you only use the drug for a total of 12 weeks at one time, because it is not meant to be a long-term solution. When you reach the 12 week marker, you will have to discontinue using the drug for at least one month. Patients can become reliant on the drug, so breaking up its use will help to prevent that. In addition, if you take the drug too much, it can become ineffective.